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The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal Council finds that convicted sex offenders present a risk to reoffend and that impacts the efforts of law enforcement to protect the community, to conduct investigations available about the individuals who have pled guilty to, or have been found guilty of, sex offenses.

The Tribal Council hereby establishes its policy to assist the efforts of federal, state and tribal law enforcement in protecting the public from sex offenders by requiring sex offenders who reside, work, or attend school on land subject to the jurisdiction of the tribe to notify and to register with the Tribal Registry Administrator in accordance with the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (“SORNA”) (Section I of P.L. 109-248).

Any person (adult and juvenile) that resides, attends school, or is employed within the exterior boundaries of the Warm Springs Reservation or on property owned by the Tribe in fee or trust, regardless of location, that has been convicted of the listed sex offenses, or has been convicted of an attempt or a conspiracy to commit any of the listed sex offenses, MUST register with the Warm Springs Sex Offenders Office. The listed crimes can be located in Warm Springs Tribal Code 380.

A Sex Offender who is or should be registered with the Tribe shall, at a minimum, appear in person in front of the Tribal Registry Administrator for purposes of verification and keeping registration current in accordance with the following time frames:

Tier I Sex Offenders: once every year for 15 years

Tier II Sex Offenders: once every 180 days for 25 years

Tier III Sex Offenders: once every 90 days for the rest of their lives.

Homeless: If a sex offenders claims to be “homeless”, he is to register every 30 days.

Child Safety Zone Restrictions: If a sex offender was convicted of a sex offense involving a child under the age of fourteen (14) and is subject to registration requirements, the offender cannot loiter or park a vehicle within 500 feet of a school, playground, public swimming pool, skate park, baseball field, child care facility, child care provider, youth center, or any other location accessible to the public that is established or designated specifically for the use and enjoyment of minors, while minors are present, unless the person has legal and physical custody of his or her children and is dropping off or picking up his or her children from school or a child care facility or provider or is attending a school function with his or her children.

The Warm Springs Sex Offender Office oversees and monitors an average of 50 registered offenders on a monthly basis. If an offender fails to register or keep information current with the Registry Office, the offender may face criminal or civil action, possibly incarceration and exclusion from the Reservation.

The Warm Springs Sex Offenders Office maintains a close working relationship with all probation office’s, the United State Marshal Service, and Oregon State Police Sex Offenders Unit as well as the local law enforcement agencies.

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