About Transit

Planning – Transit program develops, promotes and implements plans for public transportation, facilities and infrastructure and coordinates with regional, state, public and private transportation providers.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there transit services from Warm Springs to Madras? Yes. The Tribes contract with Cascades East Transit (CET) to operate Route 20 Warm Springs – Madras. Route 20 buses are owned by the Tribes, but leased and maintained by CET. Tokens can be used for the CET route. Tokens are worth .50 cents. Social programs often buy tokens in bulk quantities, but Individuals often purchase them for family, friends, etc.

I work on Mt. Hood. Is transportation available? Yes. There is a Mt. Hood Van Pool where employees from Warm Springs share the use and cost of a van from the Warm Springs campus area to the Government Camp area and back. Currently, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl provides the gas, CTWS provides the van, and the drivers are volunteers from Warm Springs. The Planning Department works with CTWS Human Services, Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl and others to plan and coordinate this service. The vans/shuttles are generally stored, repaired and maintained at the CTWS Vehicle Pool.