About Planning

The Planning Department’s responsibilities include:

  1. Develop, promote and implement long, mid, and short-range plans including the tribal comprehensive plan and plans for transportation, transit, telecommunications, facilities, infrastructure, economic development and land use.
  2. Advise and support land use planning and ordinance development with the Land Use Planning Committee and staff.
  3. Facilitate and coordinate development projects and strategies.
  4. Provide regional, state and non-profit intergovernmental liaison support.
  5. Review and process land use applications.
  6. Provide expertise for studies, projects and programs.
  7. Provide statistics and ready access to plans and other information.
  8. Write, edit or proofread Tribal Council resolutions.
  9. Grant research, development and coordination with funding agencies and local departments and organizations.

Planning Documents

  • Warm Springs Reservation Transportation Plan (2014)
  • Strategic Infrastructure Improvement Plan (2014)
  • Warm Springs Town Center: Property Summary (2012)
  • Warm Springs Downtown Development Plan (2005)
  • The People’s Plan – Comprehensive Plan for the year 2020
  • The People’s Keepsake, Yesterday
  • The People’s Keepsake, Today
  • The People’s Keepsake, Tomorrow

Transportation Planning

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council -Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF)