Office of Information Systems

About Office of Information Systems

The Office of Information Systems (OIS) provides technical service and support for government departments, manages the tribes network infrastructure, steers the tribe towards new technologies and often provides consultant-based services to tribal enterprises. OIS also provides a low cost bench service for tribal members computers (PC only at this time).

Who is Eligible?

All tribal departments, enterprises are on a as time permits. Membership support is done at our office and takes place between other work orders.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you fix my computer? Yes, we charge the membership a low flat fee which does not include hardware or software.

Can I have a email address? This is only available to full time tribal employees.

Can I check out a laptop? Yes, for departments only and requires an authorized GL signer.

Can I check out a projector? No, departments are responsible for providing these.

How do I submit a work order? If you have access to email we suggest that you send the service request to, or you can contact us at 541.553.3275.

Online Forms

Online Forms: We are working on a user-based work order system where the employees can submit work orders online. This will also include a self service mode where you can search a knowledge base of common issues.