About Wildlife

The Goals of the Wildlife Department include:

  1. Maintain or enhance wildlife populations, habitats and species diversity that will sustain the cultural, subsistence and recreational needs of tribal members in perpetuity.
  2. Maintain or enhance the environmental and ecological components that ensure wildlife species viability and genetic vigor.
  3. Maintain wildlife Management Zones that emphasize healthy management of vegetation for deer and elk benefit.

The Wildlife Department’s objectives are:

  1. Increase deer, elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goat herds by 50 percent.
  2. Reintroduce native species such as pronghorn to the reservation.
  3. Develop a deer management plan.
  4. Develop a predator management plan.
  5. Reduce or eliminate feral dog populations outside community areas.
  6. Comply with standards for herd composition to meet tribal member needs.
  7. Improve big game habitat with effective road blockage, controlled burning, water development and other habitat enhancements.
  8. Bird habitat will be enhanced through restoration and the placement of artificial structures such as nesting boxes and platforms.
  9. Promote and encourage utilization of ceded land hunting opportunities to relieve on-reservation hunting pressure.
  10. The Wildlife Department will work with grazing districts and the Range and Agriculture Department to manage livestock in wildlife management zones.