There are six departments within the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Finance Branch, which are:  Governmental Accounting (Accounts Payable, Payroll, General Ledger, and Travel), Treasury (Cash Management, Budgets Contracts and Grants), Property/Risk Insurance, Warehouse, Tribal Court Compliance and IHS/Joint Venture, employing a total of 24 people.

The roles and responsibilities of these departments include:  Providing accounting services to the tribal government.  Provide excellent customer service to the tribal government, tribal community and other customers of the Confederated Tribes.  Help ensure all tribal, federal and applicable policies and laws are followed in connection to the expenditure of funds.  Oversee the expenditure of nearly $60M annually from various funding sources, including tribal general funds, BIA, IHS, BPA, DOJ and other state and federal funding sources.  Track and monitor over $175M in cash and investments.

The Mission of the Finance departments as a whole would be:  “To protect tribal assets while providing financial information and support services.”

Who we provide service to:

  • Tribal membership
  • Tribal Council
  • Tribal Management
  • Tribal Employees
  • CTWS Enterprises
  • Warm Springs Community
  • Vendors, funding agencies and other entities who do business with the CTWS.