Water & Soil

About Water & Soil

The Water & Soil Department monitors these resources and apply sound management principles for their use and protection.


  • Commitment to the preservation and conservation of natural ecosystems
  • High Quality Monitoring
  • Focus on service to management and membership
  • Honesty, integrity, fairness, trust and respect among all employees

Areas of Responsibility

  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring
  • Project Planning and Review
  • Environmental Review of all Management Projects
  • Water Rights Administration
  • Water Quality Standards monitoring, review and updates as needed
  • Hazardous Materials Clean-up
  • Water Code Enforcement
  • Soil Monitoring and Protection
  • Climate Change monitoring and planning


The mission of the Water & Soil Department is to protect the natural resources of water, soil and air so as to protect the human health and safety as well as maintain a safe and productive ecosystem for terrestrial and aquatic life.