Victims of Crime Services

About Victims of Crime Services

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Victims of Crime Services (VOCS) offers 24-hour response to victims in emergency crisis of: domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating, elder abuse, child abuse and family violence.

Services Include:

Crisis Intervention, Victims Advocacy, Court Advocacy, Protection Orders, Community Education, Victim Compensation, Volunteer Training, Support Group

The following are the descriptions of the services offered:

  • Crisis Intervention
    The VOCS Program Staff and volunteers will respond to the scene to provide the victims of crime with crisis counseling at the request of law enforcement officers or the victim.
  • Victim Advocacy
    The VOCS staff offers many services to victims: emergency shelter, hospital visits, referrals to other service providers, transportation to shelters, preparation for federal court, transportation to federal court when needed, transportation to appointments pertaining to case related appointments, and outreach contact by letter, telephone, or residential visits.
  • Court Advocacy
    VOCS Advocates educate the victims about their rights and responsibilities, provides information about the criminal justice system, informs the victim of their case status, coordinates other services of need, and advocates for victims in court related hearings.
  • Protection Orders
    The VOCS staff works with Tribal Court to obtain protection orders for victims seeking Emergency Restraining Orders (ERO), Ex-parte Temporary Restraining Orders (RO) and Elder Protection Orders (EPO). The Tribal Court works with the VOCS advocates and Tribal Police Department with enforcing such protection orders.
  • Community Education
    The VOCS Department offers education and outreach to the community about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, stalking, family violence and the effects on our people. VOCS participates in our annual events with a display table offering new and updated information.
  • Victim Compensation
    VOCS will assist victims in completing the necessary paperwork for benefits through the Oregon State Crime Victims Compensation Program, when eligible.
  • Volunteer Training
    VOCS recognizes that volunteers are a vital part of this program and offers training in crisis intervention, court related services, outreach and community education.
  • Support Group
    VOCS offers support group for survivors of abuse, and family members of survivors. Our group structure provides educational information surrounding (domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating violence, elder abuse, child abuse, family violence and the effects it has on survivors and family of survivors), we have a craft for healing and circle talk during the craft. During these groups VOCS has available for survivors: sage and sweet grass for smudging, candles to light for prayer and songs of survivors’ choice (waashut, hand drum, pow-wow, Christian music, etc.)

FBI Victim Specialist/ DOJ Victim Witness information
The Warm Springs Tribe works in unison with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Attorney’s Office with major federal crimes, the FBI victims of crime servicer staff also works in unison with the Tribal VOCS Office when the need arises. The Victims Specialists, Warm Springs VOC’s and the Warm Springs Police Department work together as a team to offer officer the needed services for victims.

FBI Victim Specialist, Erin Ludwig (541)330-7918 Portland, OR

US Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office District of Oregon, Victim Witness Contractor, Shanni Moore (503)727-1085


Our mission is to promote and provide safety and justice for all victims of crime; to empower survivors affected by domestic violence to live healthier lifestyles and to strengthen family structures.

Who is Eligible?

Tribal Community.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can VOCS help me? VOCS is here to assist victims in reaching out for all assistance available. If you are looking for protection orders we can assist in obtaining one, if you need a night away for safety purposes we can provide that shelter night, if you need transport to safety, need somebody to listen to you, we are here for you.

Who can VOCS serve? VOCS serves all victims of people crimes of ANY age, race, ethnicity, and disabilities. We are not tribal member preference because we are federally funded, we cannot turn away any person seeking services.

What is Emergency Shelter? VOCS are able to put a crisis victim up for a shelter night for safety purposes. We do not have long-term shelter and that often becomes one of the biggest obstacle VOCS faces, however, VOCS can seek referrals to surrounding domestic violence programs for longer term shelter.

What is an Emergency Restraining Order and how can I get one? An Emergency Restraining Order (ERO) is a protection order that serves to restrain a person from contact from the victim and is valid for a night/weekend until the next business day, when a regular Temporary Ex Parte Restraining Order can be submitted. VOCS can work with the victim to compose an ERO and submit to Tribal Dispatch. Tribal Dispatch then contacts an on-call judge to seek approval of ERO.

Who can apply for Restraining Orders? When a victim has been abused by family or same household members by: attempting to cause or intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury; OR intentionally, knowingly or recklessly placing another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury; may apply for a restraining order per WSTC 331.800 to 331.820.

What is an Elder Protection Order? An Elder Protection Order (EPO) is a court order which provides appropriate protection for the elder if the Tribal Court determines that an elder is either (1) incapacitated, (2) abused, (3) harassed, (4) neglected, (5) at risk of physical harm, or (6) at risk of financial harm or duress, or in imminent danger thereof. Per WSTC 331.940