Disabilities Coordination

About Disabilities Coordination

The Disabilities Coordinator is here to assist persons with disabilities in the Warm Springs community to assure appropriate intervention and service coordination is provided. Provide educational information and training to families, workplaces and other agencies and programs. We assist with any questions in regards to:

  • SSDI
  • SSI
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Survivor/Widows Benefits
  • Adult Disability Benefits
  • Child Disability Benefits
  • Sr and Disabled Resources
  • Home Care Workers Info
  • Medicare Information
  • SS Appeals Assistance

Who is Eligible?

Varies by client. Various services are based on various rules, regulations and client status.

This programs works with any person with a Disability, any person with a potential Disability, any person with a Disability that is going to affect them for 12 months or longer, and a child with a Disability.

Commonly Asked Questions

When can I apply for Social Security?

Do I have to have worked to get Disability?

How much is Medicare going to cost?