Medical Gas Assistance

About Medical Gas Assistance

This benefit is set up to assist eligible community members with a gas voucher to get to and from referred medical appointments.

Who is Eligible?

Any member of a federally recognized tribe eligible for IHS services residing on the Warm Springs Reservation and referred by a medical provider of the Indian Health Services is eligible.

Submit verification of appointment with a referral provided from the IHS Medical Records Office 3 days prior to the appointment, unless the appointment is the same day. There will be no vouchers issued after an appointment occurs, for any reason.

We can provide assistance for a referral made by any IHS Medical Provider. Depending on the availability of funds we may use a “Priority” system that is determined by your medical provider.

Documentation must be provided from the Tribal CHR Program that you do not meet their transportation requirements. All drivers must show proof of Drivers License.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I get a reimbursement for a trip to the Doctor? The answer is no, these funds are to assist those in the most need. All requests must be made prior to all appointments for verification and processing.