Covid-19 Community Update: 7 Aug

Warm Springs, OR August 7, 2020

Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359

“As of 3:55pm on 8/7/2020 – Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 2195 Total Tests, 1917 Total Negative, 61 Test Pending, 205 Total Positive Cases, 12 Total Invalid, 21 Hospitalized, 16 Discharged, 4 deaths and 163 Recovered. Note – the lab is taking 24–48 hours for results and our maximum daily capacity for Rapid tests is 20-22. . The daily report from the WS Health and Wellness Center: 50 tested, 2 positives – 0 deaths reported, 1 new hospitalization and one discharge (5 total remain hospitalized, with 2 on ventilator), 40 active cases. Positivity Rate so far this week is 12.6%, with 61 pending tests. “ Hyllis D. Dauphinais, Sr., CEO, Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center, Ph: 541-553-6275

The Warm Springs Tribal Council and CoVID-19 Response team: Ask you to…..”Please continue to speak to family, friends and colleagues about the importance of face coverings, social distancing and hand hygiene. Talk to family about refraining from gatherings, especial with non-immediate family who live outside of you immediate household. Be Safe!

A serious reminder that if you are positive with the Corona Virus-19, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs tribal government expects you to be responsible and isolate yourself……if not Ordinance 101 will allow detention of those that do not comply with ordered isolation/quarantine.

Agency Water Announcement: Update, August 6, 2020….”As the Public Utilities Division begins work to make repairs to the Shitike Creek Crossing, we are asking that all residents of the Agency area conserve as much water as possible from today through the weekend to facilitate a system shutdown that will occur on Saturday August 8, 1010. At this time, it is our intent to conserve enough water within our reservoirs to maintain pressures and flow for more critical demands like fire suppression through the scheduled shut down. It is anticipated that the water system will be back up and running by the endo of the day on Saturday barring any significant unforeseen events…..Affected residents should also take measures to
protect their hot water tanks by shutting off the power to the tank until the water system is back up and running.” Travis Wells, General Manager, CTWS Branch of Public Utilities

The Boil Water Notice is still in effect for Warm Springs Agency area. For more information contact: The Branch of Public Utilities, Water and Wastewater division at (541)553-3246