About Archives

The Archives Program is a tribal/grant-funded program that oversees the array of materials left in the Culture and Heritage program since the early 1900’s.

There are two staff members who provide digitizing services for this project. It has been an on-going challenge to move media to the next level so that it does not become obsolete. However the move to digitization and creating an access interface is this program’s focus.

Who is Eligible?

Tribal member families and community members are welcome to bring their collections to be processed by the Culture and Heritage Archive Program. This is a mutual partnership between individuals and institutions with an agreement for any service provided, like digitizing a cassette, permission is granted to the Archive Department to create a copy for the archive.

Commonly Asked Questions

My parents made recordings or deposits in the archival holdings. Can I get a copy? Unfortunately, not at this time.  All archival materials are in the process of being inventoried, catalogued, and digitized so the community may properly access them.

How long does it take to digitize my collection? It takes an up to two hours per one hour of tape/video/dvd to digitize materials.

What will be done with the copy I submit for digitization? It will be kept on file with credit to who submitted and subject of the materials.

What materials can I request? Some materials printed in the Spilyay Tymoo and recorded for KWSO are available on request. Ichishkin Dictionary copies are available for a $25 copy fee. Kiksht Dictionaries (small version) are available for $10. Spilyay Readers, Christmas songs are also available on request. Please remember these materials are made at the teachers’ convenience and may take a few days/weeks to process.