Culture Programs

About Culture Programs

The Culture Programs provide support for learning history, social customs, and traditions for tribal members and the community. These programs increase opportunities to learn dances, songs, stories, traditional teaching and dress of the three tribes.

Heritage and Cultural Arts

  • Cultural Classes
    • basket weaving
    • regalia making
    • beading
  • Culture and Heritage is a proud sponsor of the Soaring Butterflies/Warrior Spirit program that provides cultural support. Myra Johnson who coordinates classes and helps build kits for students.
  • Cultural Teaching by Suzie at Hehe – monthly

Culture Camps

Camp Naimuma brings together 50 middle and high school students to learn and experience cultural activities that focus on language learning. Parents and community members can participate by attending family events during the camp. This gathering is held annually in June at Peter’s Pasture and there is a $25 fee that can be waived by submitting a scholarship application to the Culture and Heritage Program.

Culture Day Camp is open to students grades K-4 and held on campus during June and July.  This program offers age-appropriate culture and language activities at the Culture and Heritage building on campus.

Spring Camp is a time for learning about the Tribal Government, Constitution and Bylaws, and having fun with arts are crafts. This annual camp is held at the Culture and Heritage building on campus.


The Culture Programs are here to inspire all tribal members to realize the role they play to protect their political and spiritual sovereignty, rights, and traditions.

Who is Eligible?

All community members are welcome.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where do I pick up applications? You can pick up an application at the Culture and Heritage office. 

How do I find out if my child is eligible for scholarship? Most Tribal member children are eligible for scholarship. 

Who is camp director? Camp directors change yearly.