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The Compensation & Benefits department administers benefits for eligible tribal and tribal enterprise employees. Benefits available to eligible employees include health coverage, flexible spending accounts, group life insurance, 401(k) retirement accounts, supplemental accident and disability coverage, workers compensation, and short term disability. For more information please contact Compensation & Benefits at (541) 553-3391 or visit us in the Tribal Administration Building.

Compensation & Benefits
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Workers Compensation
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Milliman – 401(k)
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HealthComp – Health Coverage
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Allegiance – Flexible Spending Account
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UNUM – Supplemental Benefits
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Commonly Asked Questions

Am I eligible for employee benefits? All permanent full-time employees are eligible to enroll in employee benefits during the new hire enrollment period or during the annual open enrollment period. Employees who are classified as full-time equivalent, but are not permanent full-time employees are eligible for health coverage benefits only. Some benefits, such as the 401(k) have special enrollment requirements.

How does the 401(k) plan work? In order to contribute to the tribal sponsored 401(k) plan you must work for the tribe or a tribal enterprise for one year and in that year work at least 1,000 hours. Any payroll deducted contributions you make will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to 4% of your salary. At the end of every year that you work 1,000 hours, not including your vesting period, you will also receive a 5% discretionary contribution in addition to your payroll contributions and employer match.

How much does health coverage cost? The monthly cost of your health coverage will vary depending on where you work, if you elect employee only or family coverage, and how many people covered in your family are Managed Care eligible. Please contact your employer’s Human Resources department for more information on benefits cost.