Robert “Bobby” Brunoe

Robert “Bobby” Brunoe

Job Title

Branch of Natural Resources General Manager

As the General Manager of Natural Resources and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO), Mr. Brunoe provides direction in carrying out the mission of the Tribes for protection and enhancement of natural and cultural resources, and also the protection of on and off-reservation Treaty Rights. Mr. Brunoe reports to the Chief Operations Manager.

Mr. Brunoe has worked in the past for the tribes in various areas as the Range and Agriculture Department Manager, Hydropower Relicensing Coordinator and Senior Natural Resources Policy Planner. Before coming to work for the tribes, Mr. Brunoe also worked for the BIA Roads Department, the family business cattle operation and Brunoe Logging.

Over the years, Mr. Brunoe has served on numerous boards and been appointed by officials, ranging from past Oregon governors to the U.S. Secretary of Interior, to assorted advisory panels.  A few current and past examples include:  Deschutes Basin Land Trust, Oregon Governor’s Eastside Forest Advisory Panel, Deschutes River Conservancy, BLM John Day/Snake River Regional Advisory Council, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board and Central Oregon Regional Strategies Council.

Current and past Tribal Councils have selected Mr. Brunoe to represent the tribes on several negotiation teams over the years (e.g. US vs. OR, Pelton Relicensing and various litigations).

Mr. Brunoe has more than 30 years experience in the field of natural and cultural resources, and has worked with many experts over the years.

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