Fishing and Boating

Warm Springs, OR May 27, 2020

Tribal Council took action to re-open fishing and boating. The Fisheries Department will start selling fishing permits. This is per memo (REQUEST BY ON-REZ FOR MOTION DOCUMENT TO OPEN FISHING.docx) from the Fish and Wildlife committee that Tribal Council approved.


  1. Lands identified on the map are open and areas 1 through 4 are open for fishing.  Area 1 High Lakes, Area 2 Dry Creek, Area 3 Lake Simtustus, Area 4 Lake Billy Chinook, Harpham Flats, Sandy Beach, and Sherars Falls.
  2. Tribal guides are allowed to resume guiding per their permits. Tribal Guides must follow all guidelines in their permits. Look at the attached memo (REQUEST BY ON-REZ FOR MOTION DOCUMENT TO OPEN FISHING.docx).
  3. No Camping at tribal campgrounds. Areas will be day use only until further notice.

All these areas are still open to tribal members for fishing and camping.