Covid-19 Update: 24 April

Warm Springs, OR April 24, 2020

April 24, 2020
Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359
“As of 4;15 p on 4/24/2020 – Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 73 test samples, with 65 Negative, 4 pending and 4 positive.” Hyllis D. Dauphinais, Sr., CEO, Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center.
 The Corona virus 19 has now been reported in our community, the importance of social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from other persons) wearing facemasks, washing your hands frequently, use hand disinfectant and avoiding crowds all help to protect our health and lives.
When a community member tests positive the Tribal community Health Staff begin working on contact tracing following the Oregon Health Authority investigating guidelines. All individuals are fully cooperating with instructions given to them including staying home.
Contact Tracing is talking with the people who tested positive and finding out whom they have been around from 2 days before they got sick until they tested positive. The nurses then call the people and make a plan of care. Some may be instructed to get tested for COVID-19. All people who may have been around someone who is positive are asked to stay home for at least 14 days to make sure they do not develop cough, fever or shortness of breath, according to Katie Russell, Community Health Services Manager for The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.
If COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever or shortness of breath) call WS Health and Wellness Center to get instructions from nurses, call: Warm Springs Public Health at 541-553-2460 or WS Health and Wellness nurse line at 541-553-5512 or after hours line at 866-470-2015.