Covid-19 Community Update: 28 Dec

Warm Springs, OR December 28, 2020

Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359

“As of 9:14 am, 12/28/2020 – Warm Springs Health ness Center has sent in or tested 6561 Total Tests, 5944 Total Negative, 0 Test Pending, 590 Total Positive Cases, 27 Total Invalid, 64 Hospitalized, 59 Discharged, 14 Deaths, 74 Positive test from other facilities, 664 Total. 12/24– a total of 39 tested, 5 new positive, 23 total positives for the week., 0 Rapid, 0 positive, 39 BinaxNow, 5 positive; 0 State, 0 positive returned from State, 0 positive reported by Other Healthcare Facility, 6 Current Hospitalization, 0 on ventilator, 0 new COVID 19 deaths; There are currently 32 persons with active COVID-19 receiving daily monitoring by Tribal and IHS staff and 67 close contacts receiving daily monitoring by IHS staff. Flu Vaccine numbers – Community at 22.5%. 151 COVID-19 Vaccinations: 11 Vaccine 12/22/20 (staff); 70 Vaccine 12/23 (staff & in home care, assisted living, essentials); 70 Vaccines today (Staff, assisted living staff & patients, in home care givers EMS, Police department, essentials; 50 vaccine schedule for 12/28 (Essentials Staff). ” Hyllis D. Dauphinais, Sr. CEO, Portland Area Indian Health Service, Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center, 541-553-2176 (phone)
“As extraordinary as this scientific achievement is, getting this vaccine is more or less just like any other vaccine we receive. We have to follow the right mask wearing and social distancing precautions today, but otherwise, this is just like NIH health care workers or HHS employees getting their annual flu shots.” Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary.
The Warm Springs Tribal Council has approved a 50 percent reopening of the Tribal workforce, essential workers need to continue to report, other workers schedules to be determine by GM’s and Directors. Continue a community wide travel restriction with exception to travel to stores, post office, doctor appointments or for other emergency purposes. Discouraging travel out of state, however if any Tribal employee is planning to travel out of state they need to notify their supervisor. If they have no symptoms they can report to work when they return but will be required to take a COVID-19 test within 4 days upon their return with documentation that they are negative.
Community wide curfew be lifted – however for those under 18 curfew stays in effect. WS Covid-19 Team Report-approved by Tribal Council 12-28-20..
Stay Home, Stay Healthy