Covid-19 Community Update: 15 May

Warm Springs, OR May 15, 2020

Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359

“As of 3:45p on 5/15/2020 – Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 285 test samples, with 264 Negative, 1 pending, 17 positive, 3 Total Invalid, 8 have recovered. Note – the STATE lab is taking 24-48 hours for results Our testing capability currently stands at 127 STATE and 433 ABBOTT test kits. We continue to do random surveillance testing of our high-risk community members. I wanted to point out that we have a few more community members in the Recovered category tonight.” Hyllis Dauphinais, Sr., CEO Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center

Parents please be aware of a related health issue pertaining to our children. “The Oregon Health Authority has reported a presumed case of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19. The syndrome is thought to happen after an infection of COVID-19.

The most common symptoms reported are: Fever above 102.2 F for several days; Low blood pressure & fast heart beat; Rash; Pink eye in both eyes (bilateral conjunctivitis); Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea—

If you have questions about your child’s health or medical concerns, call your medical provider. Seek medical attention right away for emergencies.” Katie Russell, Community Health Services Manager, CTWS

Please be reminded the Tribal Council still has Stay Home Stay Safe on our reservation and all the safety measures in place. Keep on wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding crowds, washing hands often, stay home if you are sick and follow nurses directions if you’ve been tested.


Press Release 5-15-2020