Boil Water Lifted: 12 Oct

Warm Springs, OR October 12, 2020


As of 2:30 PM today, the Boil Water Notice for the Agency Water System has been
lifted and normal consumption of treated water can resume. The Water and
Wastewater department took necessary steps to confirm that the turbidity event DID
NOT affect the water system. The Boil Water Notice that was issued earlier today
was precautionary while the operators confirmed if the event had any direct impact
on the water quality being discharged to the system. As a result of the diligence by
the operators to confirm the impacts of the turbidity event, no BacT sampling/testing
is required and normal consumption of the potable water can resume immediately.
If you have any further questions or concerns you may contact Chico Holliday,
Water & Wastewater Supervisor, at (541) 553-3246.

Travis Wells,
General Manager, Branch of Public Utilities

PWSID# 104101247 Date distributed: October

Boil Water Notice Lifted 10-12-20