Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprises

Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprises

About Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprises

Warm Springs Power Enterprises is responsible for managing the Tribes interest in the largest hydroelectric project within the State of Oregon: The Pelton/Round Butte Hydroelectric Project located on the Deschutes River.

In 1955 the Tribes approved the building of the first powerhouse, the Pelton Dam. Also installed at this time was the Reregulating Dam.  In 1964 the Tribes approved the construction of the third dam, the Round Butte Dam.

With the construction of the Reregulating Dam in 1955, the Tribes reserved the exclusive right to future power generation at the dam if it was ever found to be economically feasible.  It wasn’t until 1990, when the energy market moved upward and federal law was passed allowing private developers to develop hydroelectric sites that the Tribes elected to exercise their option to construct a hydroelectric project at the Reregulating Dam.

In 2001, the Tribes entered into a Global Settlement Agreement with Portland General Electric to form a partnership to jointly own the entire Pelton/Round Butte Hydroelectric Project.  The Tribes retained 100% ownership of the Reregulating Dam and Portland General Electric retailed some transmission out of the project. The partnership has proven beneficial to both parties and has committed to establish a salmon run above the project and has also purchased several thousand acres for wildlife use.