Parole & Probation Office

About Parole & Probation Office

Serving the community in the following areas:

  • Adult Parole & Probation: To supervise and monitor all defendants mandated by Warm Springs Tribal court to be supervised probation to ensure that all Court requirements and/or stipulations of criminal sentence are met to enhance the defendants’ opportunity to modify their lifestyles to become law abiding, self-sufficient, and healthy members of the Warm Springs Community.
  • Adult “Wellbriety Court”:  The Wellbriety Court focuses on the importance of responsible decision making skills and works toward helping defendants seek a substance free lifestyle. The program will focus on the defendants as they are engaged in an intensive outpatient treatment program with over 100 hours of counseling/treatment and probation contacts. Upon successful completion of Wellbriety, charges may be dismissed at the discretion of the courts.
  • Jefferson County Community Corrections: Jefferson County Community Corrections Office strives to maintain a close working relationship with the Warm Springs Police Department, Warm Springs Community Counseling, Tribal Sex Offender Office, and Probation Office. In attempt to help motivate Tribal members who are on state parole and/or probation to successfully complete supervision, the Jefferson County Community Corrections maintains regular office hours at the Warm Springs Parole and Probation Office.
  • United States Federal Probation Office: Federal Probation Officer holds regularly scheduled office hours the second Wednesday of each month, between 2-5 p.m.