Housing Authority

Housing Authority

About Housing Authority

The Warm Springs Housing Authority (WSHA) is responsible for:

– Assisting and promoting affordable housing activities to develop, maintain, and operate affordable housing in safe and healthy environments on the reservation and in other Indian areas for occupancy by low-income Indian families;

– Ensuring better access to private mortgage markets for Indian tribes and their members and to promote self-sufficiency of Indian tribes and their members;

– Coordinating activities to provide housing for Indian tribes and their members with federal, state, and local activities to further economic and community development for Indian tribes and their members;

–¬†Planning for and integrating infrastructure resources for Indian tribes with housing development for tribes; and

–¬†Promoting the development of private capital markets in Indian country and to allow such markets to operate and grow, thereby benefiting Indian communities.

Who is Eligible?

To determine eligibility, submit an application for one or more housing programs at the WSHA office.