The Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) is a grant funded program that uses evidence-based and local community-driven strategies to address diabetes treatment and prevention across the lifespan.

Local programs supported by the Warm Springs SDPI grant include: Fitness classes for all age groups including youth, seniors and the disabled; healthy eating programs and community garden support.

Fitness outreach programs in the community include:

  • Functional fitness
  • Turbo Kick
  • Piyo (pilates/yoga)
  • Senior Fitness
  • Personal Coaching

Youth Center Activities include:

  • Afterschool, school breaks and summer activities.
  • Physical Activities through the Head Start program.

A number of fitness challenges are available throughout the year.  Including the “Winter Fitness Challenge”, “March Nutritional Challenge” and “Workplace Challenges”.

Location/Driving Directions:

Community Wellness Center 2200 Hollywood Blvd Warm Springs, OR 97761


Youth Center 1114 Wasco Street Warm Springs, OR 97761 (old elementary school gym)


Who is Eligible?

All community members and employees affiliated with CTWS.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I find out about exercise classes that are available?Class schedules and a calendar of events are posted at the Community Center by the aerobics room, on the Community Calendar at KWSO and on our Facebook page: CTWS Community Health Services.

I don’t feel comfortable going to classes to exercise. Is there someone who can help me without going to a class?Yes, we have staff whom are available for personal coaching and can work with you to develop an exercise plan. Contact us by calling 541-553-3589.  We also offer nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian for meal planning, weight management and diabetes prevention counseling.

How can my child stay active year round?We have a youth wellness team at the Youth Center (old elementary school gym) who provide physical activity to kids after school and during school breaks (including all summer). We organize weekly walks, fun runs, sports camps and other activities throughout the year.  We also sponsor sports teams such as COBO and Little League so the cost to participate is reduced.

Online Forms

To download the Health and Coaching Intake Form for the Community Center Physical Therapy, click HERE


To download the Community Center Liability Form for participants using the general equipment, click HERE

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