Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club

About Boys & Girls Club

The Warm Springs Boys & Girls Club (Boys & Girls Clubs of Snohomish County extended site) is a year-round program that offers after school and summer activities for community youth. Club programs target specific age groups and focus on healthy habits (basic nutrition and exercise) and prevention programs (mentoring, anti-bullying, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, etc.). Additional activities include homework help, game room, art, and special events.

The Warm Springs Boys & Girls Club partners with various tribal departments on different activities throughout the year.

Who is Eligible?

The Warm Springs Boys & Girls Club is open to all community youth 5 years of age and older (up to 18 years).

Commonly Asked Questions

 Does the $25 Member fee have to be paid before my child can attend? No, it does not. We will work with parents on the fee payment.

Can my child attend the club if he/she is not a member? Yes, youth can be counted as a visitor for that day. We do however encourage enrolling your child.

Do you provide snacks/meals during full days? We are limited on the type of snacks available for youth. We do not have the capability to provide meals.

Is my child allowed to leave the club once entered? No, not without parent permission. During club hours and when the club closes for the day, youth can only leave with authorized adults or guardians listed on their membership form.

Can my child be given medication while at the club? We do not administer any type of medication to any of the youth. If your child is in need of medication, it is the parent/guardian responsibility to do so.

Online Forms

There is more information and forms for Membership, Volunteering, or Donations available on our website: