Water Update: 13 July

Warm Springs, OR July 13, 2020

Agency Water System


The water crew has recently made two major repairs to the mainlines at KNT.  The KNT system continues to be problematic due to the need for the PRV repairs needed.  The two PRV’s are the ones at the top of the hill on the south side of the Warm Springs River and the altitude valve at the reservoirs.  We will have a contract to do the repairs to the PRV vault at the top of the hill either late this week or early next.


The main community continues to operate at about 50% capacity until we can resolve the Shitike Creek crossing mainline.  Currently, the crew is working with Buchanan & Associates and IHS to develop a solution that involves 12″ pipe bursting through the existing 14″.  The ultimate goal is to provide a permanent fix with a new 16″ mainline that will be installed across the Shitike Creek bridge.  The timeline for a permanent fix is late this year or early next.  We are still requesting that the community adhere to conservation efforts and to also continue the boil water notice until we can get solutions to the problematic mainlines.


Simnasho-Schoolie System


We are currently soliciting pricing to order and install a booster pack to replace the antiquated booster station for the Schoolie water system.  The Schoolie system remains a potential failure and requires constant monitoring to ensure the existing booster station is operable.  We are still encouraging folks on this system, particularly the Schoolie system, to conserve water and to only use water for personal use.  As of this notice, the boil water notice is still lifted (lifted on June 12, 2020) and normal consumption is allowed.


Sidwalter System


Sidwalter water system is still operational without any community notices.  We are still working to get the electrical and pump upgrades to ensure normal operations.


LeClaire system


We are currently soliciting prices to bring the LeClaire residents on to the agency water system as the well that serves those homes has failed.  The residents there are being delivered water until we can get them on to the Agency system.