Tribal Council Approves Emergency Disaster Declaration

Water main line break in the Shitike Creek to result in total water outage in most of the Warm Springs Agency Area

Warm Springs, OR May 31, 2019

The Tribal Council of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs approved an emergency disaster declaration due to immediate health threats resulting from a 14” water main line break in the Shitike Creek. Tribal staff, state and Federal partners are working to determine next steps to repair the main line crossing which will take up to a week or longer and will result in a loss of water to most of the Warm Springs Agency area. The declaration provides an option to the Tribe to apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster funds to help with the repair and impacts to the community and local businesses.

The Tribe issued a boil water notice on Thursday, May 30th, due to a loss of pressure in the distribution system. This is the fourth boil water notice in the last six months due to low pressure issues. It has been determined that the main line break is located in the Shitike Creek beyond the location where three previous repairs have been completed. Failing pressure reducing valves in the distribution system are also compounding the issues at the Shitike Creek crossing.

All businesses and residences south of Highway 26 will experience total water outages which are anticipated to start early next week. The loss of water will have a direct impact on the Warm Springs K-8 Academy, Indian Health Service Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center, Early Childhood Education Center, High Lookee Lodge, Senior Center, Warm Springs Detention Facility, Boys & Girls Club, Museum at Warm Springs, Indian Head Casino, Warm Springs Composites, tribal buildings, local businesses and residences.

The boil water notice will remain in effect until further notice for the entirety of the Warm Springs Agency area including Kah-nee-ta, Wolfe Point, Sunnyside, Upper Dry Creek, Miller Heights, Campus Area, West Hills, Tenino Valley, Tenino Apartments, Elliott Heights, Senior Housing, Trailer Courts, and Greeley Heights.

The Tribe has implemented their Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) to coordinate repair and services to the community. Additional information will be provided via KWSO 91.9 FM, Facebook (, and the Tribes emergency text message system regarding water distbution sites and anticipated timelines for repairs and water outages.

Key contacts:

  • All media inquiries: Alyssa Macy, cell: 541-460-2153,
  • Emergency management: Danny Martinez, cell: 541-419-8094,
  • Donations and donation inquires: Valerie Switzler, cell: 541-460-3878,