Fire Update: 7 Oct

Warm Springs, OR October 7, 2020

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Lionshead Fire Update
Wednesday, Oct. 7

REDMOND, Ore. – As additional portions of line are secured each day, more resources are focusing on removing hazard trees and slash, removing equipment from the fire line and conducting suppression repair work.

“Little things add up to big successes in terms of our tactical and strategic goals for the fire,” said John Spencer, operations chief trainee.

Burned Area Emergency Response assessments on the reservation have identified good burn mosaic – a mix of full burned, partially burned and unburned ground – in many areas. The fire burned with more intensity on the northeast corner and tribal personnel are still field verifying the extent of that damage.

Planning is under way to escort residents of the Stahlman Cabins and Sportsman Club to enter the area and retrieve belongings. In other work, Resource Advisors (READs) coordinated with engineers to develop a plan that will allow loggers to retrieve equipment from three harvest plots located in the interior of the fire.

Tuesday, crews finished clearing hazard trees and fire debris from around Detroit’s water treatment site and the intake from Breitenbush Creek, making it safe for work to resume.

Two helicopters dropped 72,000 gallons of water on Mt. Bruno and in the fire finger to the north. READs from Mt. Hood National Forest conducted a survey of Bull trout – which are listed as a threatened species — along Pinhead Creek.

As resources move around the fire to work in different areas, firefighters take care to prevent the transfer of non-native or potentially invasive species. For example, crews take care to clean their boots and pressure wash the undercarriages of equipment and vehicles to remove plants and seeds. Pumps, hoses and fish screens are also sanitized. Helicopter buckets are cleaned and sanitized before they begin dipping out of a new water source.

Closures: Most fire area closures remain in effect, but the vast majority of public lands managed by the USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management that were closed as a precautionary action during the period of high potential for fire starts and rapid growth have reopened.

Hunters can visit for information about hunt status, unit accessibility and more.

Weather: Winds are expected to pick up today and also change from a southeast-west trajectory to a southwest-west path. Temperatures will be in the 80s, then start tapering off to the low 50s by Saturday.

Evacuations: Evacuation levels remain unchanged for the communities on the west side of the fire. More information can be found at

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