Fire Update: 17 Oct

Warm Springs, OR October 18, 2020

Lionshead Fire Update-October 17, 2020 at 0900

For Immediate Release
Incident Commander:
Brad Donahue & Gary Sampson ICT3 Trainee
Warm Springs Fire Management
Fire Information contact: or 541-553-2004

Warm Springs, Oregon –
Current Situation:
Yesterday Northwest Incident Management Team 13 handed over control of the Lionshead fire to 3 local units including the Warm Springs Agency, the Willamette National Forest and the Mt. Hood National Forest. On the reservation, the fire burned roughly 97,000 acres and 204,469 acres in total. Each agency will work to manage their portion of the fire in the most effective and efficient method possible while coordinating resources with nearby agencies.

Crews are ensuring that fire is no longer active or burning along the fire perimeter. Islands or pockets of unburnt fuels well within the fire’s boundaries do continue to be monitored and will put up slight columns of smoke in the days to come. Suppression work was ongoing this past week as well as long term repair assessments. There are currently dozer and grader machinery operations ongoing around the J-100, J-200 and J-210 roads, as well as chipping operations. Aerial resources have been reduced, however one helicopter has transitioned from Team 13 to work with Warm Springs Fire Management to monitor hot spots and to best support the footprint of the fire in the coming days.

Temperature highs in the 60s in lower elevations with winds gusting up to the 20’s today. Shorter days and cooler temperatures greatly reduce the likelihood of increased fire activity, even with forecasted drier weather. Fuels are not expected to ignite, and the fire is expected to maintain its current size.

Hunting, woodcutting and gathering remain closed to members throughout the fires area. If at all possible, all non-fire personnel should remain outside of the fire’s general vicinity of the south-west quadrant of the reservation. Chipping operations are ongoing inside the fire’s perimeter. There are hundreds of hazardous trees. Please respect marked road signs and warnings. Avoid driving or parking on unpaved roads to in order to not get stuck in the muddy conditions. Rock falls and falling trees create potential hazards around the fire footprint. Use caution when traveling on newly opened roads, as unmarked hazards may exist.

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Warm Springs Agency:

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Important Note:
Hunting, Woodcutting and gathering is prohibited in the Lionshead Fire area. Please refer to 2020 regulations and maps on the Warm Springs website:

Javin Dimmick
Wildland Fire Public Informations Officer Trainee / GIS & IT Manager
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Natural Resources
Office / Cell – 541.553.2004