Covid-19 Community Update:20 May

Warm Springs, OR May 20, 2020

Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359

“As of 4:30p on 5/20/2020 – Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 323 tests samples, with 302 Negative, 1 Test pending, 17 Total Positive Cases, 3 Total Invalid 15 have Recovered.  Note – the STATE lab is taking 24-48 hours for results. Our testing capability currently stands at 129 STATE and 313 ABBOTT test kits.” Hyllis Dauphinais, CEO, Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center

Tribal Council representatives and the Warm Springs CoVID-19 Response team are very concerned about the three-day Memorial day weekend—as our neighbors open up to more allowed activities, more travelers coming through our community, recreationists looking for a good campsite, our own community leaving the reservation—Remember—Corona Virus-19 is still out there waiting for a person to hitchhike back to our reservation homelands.

We pause for a moment to be thankful for the news Mr. Dauphinais reports: “Six more recovered, leaving us with two in quarantine. We hope to see these last two come out of quarantine before the end of the week, which will bring our CoVID-19 cases back to a net zero.

As we head in to a long weekend, this is all very good news, but I cannot stress the importance of everyone continuing to keep travel light (essential needs only), wear protective face covering, wash you hands frequently and keep a good social distance when out and about in the community.

It is inevitable that we will start to see folks coming over the Cascades to enjoy central Oregon, and with many communities still reporting new positive cases, (LP note-Deschutes county added 9 new cases today) it is not time to venture out recklessly. I implore you all to continue to Stay Home Save Lives, we have a long way to go. We cannot mandate to others, but we are in control of our own actions, so please be a good citizen and help protect our community members, especially our most venerable (Elders & Children.”


Press Release 5-20-2020