Covid-19 Community Update: 30 Sept

Warm Springs, OR September 30, 2020

Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359

“As of 9:17 am, 9/30/2020 – Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 3410 Total Tests, 3035 Total Negative, 32 tests Pending, 304 Total Positive Cases (50 Positive test from other facilities, 354 Total), 22 Total Invalid, 40 Hospitalized, 39 Discharged and 9 Deaths. There are currently 15 persons with active COVID-19 receiving daily monitoring by Tribal and IHS staff and 19 close contacts receiving daily monitoring, Tuesday – 9/29 a total of 49 tested, 0 new positive and 2 total for the week, 0 Current Hospitalization, 0 on ventilator.” Dauphinais, Hyllis, CEO, Warm Springs and Wellness Center, CoVID-19 Update

The Lionshead fire is still burning with 35% containment and our air quality is Moderate/Hazardous – AQI = 147-164. Please use KN95 masks if you are in the smoke. Stay inside, close windows and avoid any strenuous activity outdoors. Weather report has warmer temperatures which makes for possible fire growth in the larger fires in Oregon, including Lionshead.

More Center of Disease Control information related to Covid-19 pandemic: “Are there ways you can minimize the number of people you interact with, ( in the work place.)? In addition to any measures you business may have implemented to reduce your risk (e. g., installed bariers), take additional steps to minimize the number of people you interact with; Interacting with more people raises you risk since some people may have the virus and not know it since they have no symptoms; Can you have virtual meetings to limit the number of in-person interactions?; When interacting with other people, are policies in place for colleagues or customers to WEAR A MASK and to keep 6 feet of space between others?”

The Warm Springs Covid-19 Response team is concerned about any gatherings—we’ve recommended a limit of 10 people, limit amount of time, wear masks, social distance and wash hands frequently.

Covid-19 is spread from person to person and can be spread through the air.