Covid-19 Community Update: 29 April

Warm Springs, OR April 29, 2020

Contact:  Louie Pitt, Jr.

Director Government Affairs & Planning


Phones:  541-553-3540/541-777-1359


“As of 4:30 p on 4/29/2020 – Warm Springs health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 179 test samples, with 118 Negative, 53 pending and 8 positive.  (58 tested or sent for testing today)”  Hyllis Dauphinais, Sr., CEO Warm Springs Wellness and Health Center

Following yesterday’s report of 4 new positive cases a reminder about the procedures that helps the health center do it’s job and meets the needs of the community.  “The health center really needs the support of the community to continue to follow established protocols – For CoVID19 related questions or concerns – Please call our Nurse Triage Line before coming to the Clinic.  Here are a few reminders:

If you or a loved one is concerned about a possible exposure to someone who tested positive, we need you to call the Nurse Triage Line at 541-553-5512 or after hours Nurse Advice Line:  886-470-2015.

If you have been tested and your result was Negative, we are asking you to self-quarantine for up to 14 days and monitor yourself by taking you own temperature 2-times per day and if greater than 100.4 – Call the Nurse Triage Line and report your symptoms.  Other monitoring should include cough or shortness of breath, as well as other symptoms you are experiencing.  See for a list of symptoms or Call the Nurse Triage Line at 541-553-5512.

If you are an essential employee and working – First Responder, please make sure the healthcare team member you speak to is aware of your status as a firsts responder within the community (EMT, PD, Utilities, etc.).

Patients that have been tested Negative or Positive will continue to receive outreach (daily phone calls) from our nursing staff. “  CoVID-19 Brief & Update, H. Dauphinais, Sr.

Please call ahead to the Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center to assist in avoiding the traffic flow issues.

The Warm Springs COVID-19 Health team is gathering information on funeral guidelines that honor tradition and protect our community as well as educating about importance of face masks.