Covid-19 Community Update: 11 June

Warm Springs, OR June 11, 2020

Contact: Louie Pitt, Jr.
Director Government Affairs & Planning
Phones: 541-553-3540/541-777-1359

“As of 4:40p on 6/11/2020 – Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center has sent in or tested 738 Total Tests, 679 Total Negative, 6 Test Pending, 50 Total Positive Cases, 3 Hospitalized, 2 Discharged, 3 Total Invalid, 32 Recovered. Note – the STATE lab is taking 24-48 hours for results Our testing capability currently stands at 373 STATE and 424 ABBOTT test kits. We continue to do random surveillance testing of our high-risk community members. We have begun a broader surveillance of the CTWS employees.” Hyllis Dauphinais, Sr., CEO Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center

Soap and water to clean an area is a good start, if you need a bleach solution, OHA reads: “Prepare a bleach solution by mixing: 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) bleach per gallon of water; or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Remember to read instructions on containers—it takes time for all disinfectants/sanitizers to work. Might have to stay wet for longer than you are used to…..this will kill the virus, bacteria and germs. Make sure you wear gloves, have adequate ventilation and practice the “new normal”—do the cleaning often especially if someone in you household is sick.

Mask up, wash hands often, social distance, avoid large crowds and sick people and monitor your own health-all part of the “new normal” we now live in.

To check Oregon Status as of 0800 on 6/11/2020 go to
Also Center for Disease Control go to:


Press Release 6-11-2020