Warm Springs Geo Visions

Warm Springs Geo Visions

About Warm Springs Geo Visions

Warm Springs Geo Visions is dedicated to the protection and preservation of cultural resources. We are an enterprise of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon.


  • Compliance work to meet National Historic Preservation Act and National Environmental Policy Act Requirements
  • Archaeological pedestrian inventory
    • Large (40,000 acres) and small scale (<1 ac.)
  • Site delineation and subsurface testing
  • Data recovery and excavation
  • Artifact analysis using standard methods and protocols
  • Specialists on staff
    • Lithic Analysis
    • Geoarchaeology
    • Zooarchaeology
    • Architectural History
  • Cultural Resource Monitoring of small and large-scale construction projects
  • Long-term site condition monitoring within varying landscapes (e.g., forests to reservoirs)
  • National Register Determinations of Eligibility (DOE) for both precontact and historic resources
  • Development of:
    • Historic Properties Management Plans
    • Cultural Resources Management Plans
    • Heritage Site Monitoring Plans
  • Project mapping utilizing the latest GIS, GPS and survey grade software and hardware
  • Archival and Ethnographic research
  • Public education programs


The mission of Warm Springs Geo Visions is to serve the archaeological and historical preservation needs of the Pacific Northwest.