Ron Suppah

Ron Suppah

Job Title

Tribal Council Representative – Simnasho District

Councilman Suppah has served twelve years on Tribal Council and is now on his 5th term.  The most critical thing to Mr. Suppah, in fulfilling his role as Chairman, is the protection of sovereignty. He states his goal is to improve communication between Tribal Council and the Tribal membership, as well as improving communications between the Tribe and the Columbia River Tribes, as well as State and Federal governments.

Born and raised in Warm Springs he is from the Tyghpum band of the Itcheeskin speaking bands of 1855 Treaty Signers. He is the son of Franklin and Margaret Frank Suppah. He took his Indian name “Huss” from his Grandfather, who was an event organizer.  He is also a practitioner of the Washat religion as he was raised in the religion. He hunts for feasts and special spiritual ceremonies for the Tribe and is also a keeper of the longhouse songs and a drummer of those songs.

Mr. Suppah graduated from Madras High School and then studied forestry and auto mechanics at C.O.C.C., and social services at Eastern Oregon College. Returning home he became a journeyman mechanic through the state’s apprenticeship program.  He spent several years managing the Tribes’ vehicle fleet as well as working for BIA Realty. He also managed the Tribal Store, Three Warriors Market, at Simnasho until being elected onto Tribal Council. Mr. Suppah has served three terms on the Commission on Indian Services, a State Legislative body. He also served three terms on the Tribes’ Land Use Committee.