Joe Moses

Joe Moses

Job Title

Paiute Chief

Chief Joseph Moses grew up on the Warm Springs Reservation. He attended
Madras High School and later graduated from Riverside Indian School in
Oklahoma. Growing up, he raised cattle and horses along with his Uncle Nick and
family. Joe was employed as a Range Rider for the tribal Natural Resources
department, he is now retired.
Joe was elected to Tribal Council in 1992. He was elected as the vice chairman in
1995, later that term he became the Tribal Council Chairman. Joe served three
terms before becoming the Paiute Chief in July 2001 and continues to serve on
the CTWS Tribal Council.
Joe served on the CTWS Gaming team as well as the Warm Springs Composite
Board. He served on the Sapsik’wala Advisory Council at the University of
Oregon, he advocates and support getting Native American teachers in to our
public school systems to help with the problems our children face in education
today. Chief Joe is a strong supporter of youth development, leadership, and
education. He is community oriented and is concerned about the drug and
alcohol problems our youth and community are faced with today.

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