Brigette McConville

Brigette McConville

Job Title

Tribal Council Representative – Seekseequa District

Mrs. McConville began serving her first term on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs 27th Tribal Council.  Graduating from Madras High School, COCC, and Oregon State University she has worked for Cultural Resources as a cultural resource technician, doing cultural surveys for timber sales, roads and new development such as housing, and also as a tribal anthropologist. She has served as a Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish commissioner, and the Fish and Wildlife Committee of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.  Besides dealing with the business and management of fish, by invitation she teaches history and art in the Columbia River school district. Mrs. McConville teaches a plateau history because she is able to communicate the importance of community education and awareness of her Tribe’s 1855 Treaty and land management activities in their ceded lands, usual and accustomed lands and aboriginal territories.  She previously served on the board of directors of the Oregon Historical Society and currently a member of the Oregon State Cultural Resource Task Force, both positions appointed by the Governor.

She is currently self-employed as a business owner of Salmon King Fisheries, located by Indian Head Casino in Warm Springs which she began in 2011.  Mrs. McConville and her family commercial fish on the Columbia River and sell their fish fresh, frozen, canned and smoked.  They also have retail wearable art, beadwork, basketry and supplies.  They also offer beadwork and basket classes at the store twice a month.

With Warm Springs as her lifetime home, she is a mother of three children, August, Rosebud and Annalise and is married to Sean McConville (Nez Perce). They live in Seekseequa on the reservation.   Mrs. McConville and her daughters are ceremonial food gatherers for the Agency Longhouse.

Mrs. McConville’s involvement on and off reservation is great, and keeps her busy.  As a Councilwoman, tribal member, and resident she feels that her duty is to serve and support the interests and concerns of her people as a whole.  She also believes that communication is key to the Tribal Government and values face to face conversation with a cup of coffee or tea but, keeping herself open to all channels of communication, will make herself available to people via cell phone, Facebook, email and letter writing.



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