Tribal Code

Tribal Code

Thank you for your patience in updating the Tribal Code. As of August 1, 2016, the following chapters have been uploaded to the website:

Tribal Council and Government
Chapter 10 Budgets
Chapter 20 Tribal elections
Chapter 30 Waiver of sovereign immunity

Chapter 105 Plan of operation
Chapter 110 Personnel*

Vital Statistics
Chapter 120 Enrollment

Tribal Courts
Chapter 200 Courts
Chapter 201 Civil procedures
Chapter 202 Criminal procedure
Chapter 203 Appeals
Chapter 204 Evidence
Chapter 205 Tort Claims
Chapter 206 Real property secured transactions
Chapter 260 Gaming

Public Safety and Justice
Chapter 300 Exclusion from reservation
Chapter 305 Crimes
Chapter 306 Trespass
Chapter 307 Liquor violations
Chapter 310 Traffic
Chapter 311 Motor vehicle equipment, abandoned vehicles, accidents
Chapter 312 Tribal boating
Chapter 320 Probate
Chapter 330 Emergency detention of mentally ill persons
Chapter 331 Domestic relations
Chapter 340 Fishing
Chapter 341 Sherars Bridge management
Chapter 345 Livestock control in populated areas
Chapter 350 Hunting and trapping
Chapter 355 Fire and safety*
Chapter 360 Juvenile code
Chapter 361 Competency hearings*
Chapter 362 Conservators and guardians
Chapter 363 Detoxification procedures
Chapter 375 Worker’s compensation
Chapter 376 Victim rights
Chapter 380 Sex offender registration and notification

Physical Facilities and Natural Resources
Chapter 400 Housing
Chapter 401 Wild and scenic rivers
Chapter 410 Comprehensive plan*
Chapter 411 Zoning and land use
Chapter 412 Reservation sign regulation*
Chapter 420 Utilities*
Chapter 430 Water*
Chapter 431 Warm Springs water and sewer system act
Chapter 432 Water quality standards, beneficial uses and treatment criteria (IN PROGRESS)
Chapter 433 Implementing provisions for tribal water quality standards, beneficial uses and treatment criteria (IN PROGRESS)
Chapter 440 Highway and streets*
Chapter 441 Flood damage prevention
Chapter 450 Forest management*
Chapter 451 Wood cutting
Chapter 460 Range and livestock
Chapter 470 Wildlife management*
Chapter 475 Hydroelectric licensing and regulation
Chapter 480 Land*
Chapter 490 Protection and management of archaeological, historical and cultural resources

Human Services
Chapter 500 Health Care*
Chapter 510 Education*
Chapter 520 Warm Springs Tribal members retirement income security
Chapter 530 Funeral grants*
Chapter 540 Warm Springs supplemental security income program

Chapter 600 General*
Chapter 610 Corporate Charter – Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation (WSEDC)
Chapter 625 Plan of Operation for the Warm Springs Construction Enterprise
Chapter 630 Plan of Operation of Warm Springs Tectonite Cement

Commercial Law
Chapter 700 Business Privilege Tax
Chapter 701 Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 702 Non-profit corporations
Chapter 710 Credit
Chapter 720 Sales
Chapter 721 Leases of goods
Chapter 725 Liquor and alcohol
Chapter 726 Tobacco
Chapter 727 Motor vehicle fuels
Chapter 730 Tribal Bond Ordinance
Chapter 731 Personal Property Secured Transactions and Statutory Liens
Chapter 740 Consumer credit, usury
Chapter 741 Consumer sales practices
Chapter 742 Motor vehicle sales
Chapter 743 Marijuana cultivation, processing and sale

* No code.